Belize Retreat - Master Suite - 2017


Unfold the Feminine:
The Fierce and The Fabulous


NOTE: if you select either the double or triple occupancy option and you need separate payment arrangements for each woman, call Joan Shaver, LMFT to make payment arrangements, 310 - 453-6140.

May 5th-8th, 2017

Master Suite

(Spacious. Private. Located on the second floor of Sophia’s Beach House)

$3195.00 Single Occupancy

$2170.00 Per Person / Double Occupancy (Total price $4340.00)

$1728.00 Per Person / Triple Occupancy (Total price $5184.00)

*Register early to insure cost of retreat package.

The retreat is selling out fast. If you are not able to get your desired accommodation,  call Joan Shaver, LMFT at 310 - 453-6140. 


When retreat is sold out and if you wish, we will put you on a waiting list, call Joan Shaver, LMFT at 310 - 453-6140.


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Belize Retreat - Master Suite - May 5-8, 2017

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