Belize Retreat - Bungalows - 2017

 Unfold the Feminine: The Fierce and The Fabulous

Bungalows are Currently Sold Out.

The retreat is selling out fast. If you are not able to get your desired accommodation, call Joan Shaver, LMFT at 310 - 453-6140.  

May 5th-8th, 2017

Separate Bungalows (Includes private Balcony)

There are two bungalows.
$3,195.00 Single Occupancy
$2,170.00 Per Person / Double Occupancy (Total price $4,340.00)

*Register early to insure cost of retreat package.

NOTE: if you select the double occupancy option and you need separate payment arrangements for each woman, call Joan Shaver, LMFT to make payment arrangements, 310-453-6140.

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Belize Retreat - Bungalows - SOLD OUT

Price: $2,170.00
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